2020 Boat Registrations


NH Boat Registrations

Parker Marine is an Agent for NH State Boat Registrations

To expediate you renewal, please bring the following documents  to us: 

The  Renewal forms mailed to you by the State of NH (4 parts) or if you do not have your renewal form, last year's registration (or an older registration) can be used to re-register your boat, provided that the older registration is accurate, legible & has no change in ownership

Parker Marine can not register a new  boat without a

"Bill of Sale"

This is mandated by the State of NH and we appreciate your courteous cooperation

**Please also note - a

Sales Agreement

is NOT a Bill of Sale

Please note the following:

To register a newly purchased boat in the State of NH the following is required:
All Boat purchases, New or Used, require a   "BILL OF SALE"

This is  required  by the State of NH and  Parker Marine  can not make exceptions!

All Boats Changing Ownership Through any of the following:

1. Purchase, new or used

2. Gifts

3. Sale

4. Change of ownership name (ie Transfers to Trust, Estate transfers, Etc)

Requires a "Bill of Sale"


Please bring in your

Bill of Sale

from the dealer where you  purchased your boat  

(Please note -

A purchase agreement is NOT adequate)


For all boats purchased thru a "Private" sale or Other changes in boat ownership, please see example

"Bill Of Sale" below

Please see example of "Bill Of Sale" above, (example provided by the State of NH)

Please Note: Signatures and Address required!

Make sure that your "Bill of Sale" is signed by Both, the Seller and the Buyer and shows Both the Seller's and the Buyer's addresses.

Also be sure that the seller marks your Bill of Sale - Paid in full



For those of you who purchase a boat online with a credit card -

Your credit card receipt is NOT a "BILL OF SALE" 

Please be sure you are issued a Bill of Sale from the seller, showing boat as being "Paid in Full"  before coming in to obtain you boat registration

Parker Marine Can NOT issue boat registrations with out properly executed Bill of Sale



SOLD TO ____________________________________________





HULL (VIN) #___________________________________

NH BOW#__________________

MOTOR YEAR_____________SERIAL#____________________________

TRAILER  (if applicable)


NAME OF SELLER________________________________________

ADDRESS OF SELLER______________________________________





Parker Marine's NH Registration Desk

Hours: Tues thru Sat 9am - 4pm

Sunday - 12noon - 3:30pm

Please make sure you're paperwork is in order prior to coming in